A real coin has two sides. At Maindl Ventures, we consider and value both of these factors. Companies looking to generate capital for growth as well as investors looking to increase their assets through lucrative investments.


Inspiring and profitable investments with rigorously vetted and promising companies. In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in different thinking. The way we challenge the status quo is to do what's best for both sides. Businesses and investors. Be a part of it!


Do you have an project in technology or real estate from Series A that has the potential to scale and create a positive impact on the world?

Maindl Ventures is actively seeking for projects. We want to help turn your project into a success story. With Maindl and our Solidus Partners, you are one step away from securing funding.  

Apply your project now and have the chance to get a place in our portfolio.

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Do you want to invest in some of the latest opportunity’s in the world?

In our Solidus Program will find the right investments that will help you achieve your goals. Through our strict screening process we will find what suits your investment strategy. With exclusive online and offline events you will have access to a community of other high performing investors

Get in touch with our team to become a „Solidus Partner“ and work together to realise projects in a private and exclusive selected network. 


The code of conduct is a base for all employees of Maindl. It is the foundation for everything we are doing, it represents our values and the way our company is working as well as our professional standard

The principles described in Maindl Ventures Code of Conduct serve as a guide for all business activities and dealings with clients, employees, supervisory authorities and business partners.

Maindl Ventures Code of Conduct
Maindl Ventures Team


Maindl Ventures is supported by a team of bright and highly talented individuals who are motivated to shape the future by assisting both startups and investors

Every project or investment has their own challenges and our team is always ready to give it a 100% to help our partners achieve tremendous success in their work



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or centuries money has been a tangible thing, from simple coins that were the value of the metals they were made of, to banknotes that promised the bearer their equivalent value in gold. From humble beginnings…

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The Covid-19 crisis has played havoc with lives and the economy. Thankfully, the worst of the pandemic seems to be over and people can begin to get on with their lives…

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At the height of the recent pandemic, I was asked to write an article on the value of gold as a safe investment in a financial crisis. The upshot of the article was that gold, and precious metals in general, are an excellent hedge…

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Recently, euro zone inflation shot above what the ECB targeted in May.  This sparked an ensuing debate among the policymaking community whether inflation is a short-term trend or a long term worry….

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Cryptocurrency is a modern day medium of exchange. It is essentially decentralized in structure, which allows  non-interference from government and central authorities. Although many governments disregard…

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These are strange days across all the markets. Developed markets coped with the global pandemic better than most financial analysts forecasted. Now with vaccine programs being successfully rolled out and government….

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Just a year ago, the global economy was upended. Inflation shot up due to sharp rises in oil prices and supply chain breakages brought on by government lockdowns. But as markets now rally against the coronavirus…

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With the world slowly awakening from the coronavirus pandemic, the markets have become bullish. This is great news for investors, but one potential downside of the booming stock market is the increase in inflation rates…

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Broadly speaking, inflation is a general rise in the price of goods and services in the economy. It normally comes up when there’s a mismatch between supply and demand in the economy. When something happens in the…


Maindl Ventures is a Cyprus based company that was setup in 2019 by its founder, Steven Maindl. 

The vision of the company is to help startups secure funding for their projects while seeking the best investment for investors in both technology and real estate. 

By working together with startups and investors, Maindl Ventures hopes to create a positive change in our community and the environment. 



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