Use our interview tips to present yourself at your best and show us and the world what makes you tick.

How do I apply for a job?

Before you apply, remember to look at your application as a whole because it is not every single question that counts but that you have captured all your skills and experience.

You should submit an individual application for each position you are interested in, as each position is filled separately.

If you submit your application online, you will immediately receive an email confirmation that your information was successfully received. If your qualifications and experience match our requirements, a recruiter will contact you to discuss your resume in detail.

What happens when it comes to an interview after your application?

If you are invited to an interview with Maindl, you have already intrigued us. The next step is to get to know each other better to find out if we can be a good fit. Your interview with Maindl may be a mix of in-person, video, and phone interviews so we have plenty of opportunities to engage in conversation with you.

We want to attract the best talent to Maindl, so our interviews are challenging, but also interesting and aimed at giving you an exceptional candidate experience that helps you get to know us too.

We hire for success - including yours.

You can rest easy. We want the real you.

This is not always easy, but please try to relax and act naturally. The reason for the interview is to learn more about you and your story. So be prepared to talk about yourself and your relevant skills and experience. We want to bring not only your skills, but also your personality and ways of thinking to our team.

Think like us - what do you think we look for in an applicant?

Listening is often just as important as the answers you provide

Pay detailed attention to our questions and make sure you answer them fully without getting distracted. Even though we know you would like to give us examples of past projects and experiences that demonstrate your knowledge and skills, it is important that you choose the right ones that fit what the interviewer wants to hear. This is an opportunity for you to analyze the question asked and then provide a unique answer.

Digital and telephone interviews

Some interviews will be digital or on the phone, but the same rules apply. Preparation is essential. Not only prepare for what you are going to say, but also make sure you are in a comfortable, calm and familiar environment during the interview. The expected duration of an interview is 45-60 minutes. Tell people not to interrupt you.

If you are using a cell phone, remember to turn off the messages. Even if you can't be seen, dressing smartly can make you feel more confident, and standing up to speak will make you feel more energized and focused.

When we can't see your face, it's even more important how you sound to show your personality. Be cheerful and enthusiastic and try to smile - it will show in your voice. It's okay to take time to think before answering questions, but let us know so we're not troubled by the pause.

It is a multi-step process

Build a closer relationship with your interviewers by showing interest in their roles or departments. Ask questions about their work and your position at Maindl.

We are proud of our values and mission at Maindl and we are happy to give you as much information as you need to find out if we are really the right place for you, so don't hesitate to ask us questions as well.


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