Interviews make sense. The quote "paper is patient" sums it up very well. Hand on heart. No matter how beautifully an applicant designs his or her documents, it is only in the face-to-face interview that it becomes apparent whether you will connect well and form a partnership . 

As the author of this blog, I am aware that we are both in a kind of "job interview" at this very moment. Hopefully you are sitting in a comfortable place reading. I'm going to let you in on a secret. You and I probably have one thing in common: we're all short on time, so we try to use it as sparingly as possible, right? If you invest your valuable time or assets in something, you want it to pay off. 

Believe me, I understand you very well. Trust is relevant to all types of investments. On both sides of the coin. When people commit themselves to a project and want to build it into a global enterprise, it is up to all the people involved to jointly muster the necessary strength, love and perseverance so that everyone involved can reap the greatest benefits. This is exactly why we at Maindl Ventures take our "job interviews" very seriously. We treat investors and company owners with equal respect. For us, this is the ideal way to ensure the best possible success for all parties. When you "introduce" yourself, you give your view on different factors and express how you want to construct the future. Afterwards, you compare notes with your partner. Of course, many personal values flow into such a conversation. 

Maindl Ventures

This is important, because in the end it is still people who decide on projects and cooperations. It doesn't matter whether it's real estate, online brokers, soft drinks, electric vehicles, environmental protection projects or recyclable materials. Every product or project can contribute to a better world and also yield very good profits. In order to provide the necessary space for mutual appreciation, we regularly organize events - offline and online"Introducing" yourself to someone will never go out of fashion and is often a guarantee for great mutual success

We are aware that everyone has made decisions that later turned out to be less than satisfactory. This is also an aspect why we put so much emphasis on strict selection of our partners. Being average is not an option for us. We know: Nobody wants to be average

Our partners want maximum success and are happy to carry our philosophy with us out into the world. It gets better every day and life is by our side. The world provides us with all its resources and we are allowed to grab it with both hands and reap the fruits of our dedication.

Let us start and bring our ideas to a grandiose success.