77% of respondents to a new survey don't want Facebook, Apple  or Google in the metaverse.

A new survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers has produced some interesting results regarding the Metaverse.

Among other things, the study, commissioned by Metaverse service provider Advokate Group, shows that 87% of respondents would prefer a decentralized Metaverse on the blockchain over a similar megaproject from one of the big tech companies. This is no coincidence, as a control question to that effect confirms that 77% of respondents oppose Facebook's involvement in the Metaverse. The main criticism is that users do not trust the company to handle their data.

This is a valid reason that Facebook should take more than seriously, because the sloppy and exploitative handling of user data has already fallen on the toes of the social network's planned crypto project. Until recently, the Facebook group had its own stablecoin called Diem in the pipeline, which, however, faced fierce headwind from politics, not least for the above-mentioned reasons, and therefore had to scrap its sails in the meantime. It should therefore come as little surprise that similar criticism of the Metaverse plans is now coming up again.

In addition, the majority of the survey participants (49%) predict that it will take at least another three to six years before the Metaverse has fully arrived in the mainstream. Only 20% already see such adoption in one to two years. Above all, gaming and social interaction top the list of reasons for using virtual crypto reality. 50% of respondents also say they would potentially spend more than three hours a day in the Metaverse.

A majority of participants are also interested in being able to earn money while playing video games. Such play-to-earn models are currently getting a lot of attention, which is why 93% of respondents say they would spend even more time playing video games if it meant they could earn minimum wage. 64% would gamble at least three hours a day if they could earn money for it. 87% would even willingly be full-time gamers if the pay was accordingly high.

The hype around the metaverse only really took off last year, and now every one of the big tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Google, of course, wants a piece of the pie. As this study shows, however, the crypto community is not particularly enthusiastic about this, as it is feared that the large corporations could undermine the basic blockchain idea of decentralization with their market power.


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