Experts say recruiters are inspecting your online presence more closely, from Instagram to Facebook. How to do everything right there to perform at your best?

In these times of labor shortages, companies are vigorously searching for new and qualified applicants. However, this does not mean that they will find the good candidates especially if the social presence of potential applicants is weak.

It's no surprise that headhunters regularly use social media to find the best candidates. Statistics show that more than 50% use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and it's even more than 90% on LinkedIn.

If you want to get noticed, you should build a strong person brand online that shows a proven track record in your field through what you share and how you present your experience. 

Here are ideas to massively increase your online presence.

Tell a story that moves people.

When writing your LinkedIn profile, don't just list your professional experience and accomplishments. Put your work in context by describing what results you've achieved. Bring your work to life by explaining how you've done work or helped your department double its number of clients.

Back up your story with numbers

Quantify what you've accomplished by providing specific metrics to show the scope of your biggest successes. Think in terms of percentages, frequency and scope when talking about savings, revenue increases and new customers.

Use the right keywords.

Many recruiters search using keywords. The trick is to figure out what the keywords might be for the job you're looking for. Most keywords relate to specific expertise that the recruiter wants to know from applicants. Read through several job descriptions for the position you're looking for to find out the most commonly used keywords, and add them to your LinkedIn profile.

Share your thoughts with the world.

Whether you're speaking at a conference or writing a blog post, be sure to share your insights on social media. 

Consider the algorithm.

LinkedIn offers a number of features that allow users to indicate whether they're open to a job, what kind of roles they're looking for, and what skills and areas of expertise they have. The more information you include in your LinkedIn profile, the more your profile will stand out when recruiters are looking for candidates. 


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