Need to increase your staff or improve your customer experience? Hire candidates with hospitality experience.

Recruiters are already struggling with a limited candidate pool of experienced professionals, poaching applicants from local competitors, and ever-increasing expectations of customer service quality based on online reviews.

Today, customer support is facing difficulties like never before in the history of recruitment. The labor market continues to face the same constraints as before, but now more problems are being added.

However, there are a few bright spots. Candidates with call center experience may be hard to find in such an environment, but there are other good opportunities. 

Workers with years of experience working in the hospitality industry stand out as the best candidates for customer support roles. Skills from the hospitality industry translate directly to customer support roles

Former hospitality workers have developed skills that can be easily transferred to customer support roles. Chief among these are key soft skills such as problem solving and empathy when dealing with customers. 

The hospitality industry can be an icebreaker for developing excellent communication skills.

So if you want to improve metrics like customer satisfaction, know that hospitality employees have developed their interpersonal skills in an environment where the stakes are high and conflict resolution is face-to-face.

Hospitality employees can quickly adapt to customer service technology. This familiarity adds a hard-skill component to their interpersonal communication skills that can enable hospitality workers to reach customer service benchmarks faster than candidates with retail or service industry backgrounds.

Adjustments in hospitality customer support also apply to the entire workforce Employees who come from hospitality backgrounds may need to adjust to working from home, but that's true for almost all customer support candidates in a world where call centers no longer exist.  

So if you want to improve your customer experience while increasing your staff to respond to a surge in demand, consider expanding your applicant pool with a focus on hospitality experience. 

They are available and extremely qualified.


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